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NYC District Council 37, Endorses Eight More City Council Candidates

Largest Public Sector Union, District Council 37, Endorses Eight More City Council Candidates, Committing to Mobilize its Sizable Membership to Shape New Council

New endorsements add to 31 City Council endorsements made by DC 37 earlier this year

Press Release:

NEW YORK—District Council 37, New York City’s largest public sector union representing 150,000 workers and 50,000 retirees, today endorsed eight candidates for City Council. These candidates add to the list of 31 candidates DC 37 has already endorsed. The union is committed to mobilizing its sizable membership on behalf of these candidates. If elected, the union’s endorsed candidates would constitute the majority of the City Council.

“Our workers answered the call when New Yorkers needed them most. Now our elected officials must answer theirs,” said Henry Garrido, Executive Director District Council 37, AFSCME. “It’s critical that our City Council put workers first in New York City’s recovery. We’re proud to endorse candidates who are committed to putting working people first.”

The union underwent a comprehensive selection process and ultimately chose each candidate based on his or her commitment to a pro-worker agenda, including fighting the economic and social injustices the pandemic has exposed, and an understanding of what it will take to enact such an agenda. The candidates endorsed by DC 37 are:

  • Eric Dinowitz (District 11)
  • Marjorie Velazquez (District 13)
  • Pierina Sanchez (District 14)
  • Ischia Bravo (District 15)
  • Nantasha Williams (District 27)
  • Crystal Hudson (District 35)
  • Bridget Ann Rein (District 39)
  • Kenya Handy-Hillary (District 40)

“DC37 members have been on the front lines throughout this pandemic, and I am honored to have their support,” said District 11 candidate, Eric Dinowitz. “In the City Council, I will fight to ensure all of our essential workers and seniors get the support they deserve. As the Northwest Bronx faces unprecedented challenges, I’m ready to stand up for our community and deliver the resources we need for a fair recovery.” 

“I’m so excited to have the support of DC 37 again in my campaign for City Council this year. DC37 represents so many of New York’s essential workers who have kept the city running through this terrible pandemic. On the City Council, I will work as hard for them as they work for all of us. I’m truly honored to have DC 37’s support,” said District 13 candidate, Marjorie Velazquez.

“I am so grateful to have DC 37 support our grassroots campaign for working families in District 14. My aunt is a 30-year retiree of DC 37, and growing up with her, I saw firsthand how her union job not only helped support her, but our extended family,” said District 14 candidate, Pierina Sanchez. “Unions stabilize our communities and provide pathways to opportunity and living dignified lives. DC 37 fights for the people who quite literally keep New York City running. I look forward to continuing to work with DC 37 in the movement to protect union jobs and ensure safe working conditions for all New Yorkers.”

District 27 candidate, Nantasha Williams said, “My mom has been a member of DC 37 Local 371 for over 38 years. Growing up as a child of a union member, I know firsthand the impact unions have on their families and communities. I am who I am today because of the hard work and advocacy put forth by DC 37 on behalf of its members. I am deeply honored to have the support of the largest public service union and look forward to championing efforts that protect and empower members who provide critical services to our city.”

“The hardworking members of DC37 have been on the frontlines for us throughout this pandemic. These essential workers always show up for our city, and it’s why I’m so proud to have their endorsement and am committed to always showing up for them. I look forward to standing side by side with the union when I’m in the City Council to ensure a just recovery, protect the safety of our workers, stop layoffs, and guarantee equal pay,” said District 35 candidate, Crystal Hudson.

“DC 37 has long been an important part of my life, with my brother and many friends being proud members,” said District 39 candidate, Briget Ann Rein. “I am thankful to past labor leaders like Victor Gotbaum and Charles Ensley who helped form my career as an organizer. The members of DC 37 have kept our city running throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and need our support now more than ever. I look forward to continuing to work with DC3 7, Henry Garrido, and his membership to help our city recover even stronger.”

“I am humbled to have earned the endorsement of District Council 37, New York City’s largest public employee union. DC 37 and their members have been integral stakeholders in fighting to move our City forward and transform the administration of services and resources available to all New Yorkers,” said District 40 candidate, Kenya Handy-Hilliard.

Earlier this year, as part of the #LaborStrong2021, DC37 endorsed 31 candidates for City Council. The coalition, which also includes 32BJ SEIU, Communications Workers of America District 1 (CWA), Hotel Trades Council (HTC), and the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA), has pledged to commit significant resources to the races where it has endorsed.

The candidates endorsed by #LaborStrong2021 are:


  • Jenny Low (Distr. 1)
  • Carlina Rivera (Distr. 2)
  • Erik Bottcher (Distr. 3)
  • Keith Powers (Distr. 4)
  • Julie Menin (Distr. 5)
  • Gale Brewer (Distr. 6)
  • Shaun Abreu (Distr. 7)
  • Carmen De La Rosa (Distr. 10)


  • Diana Ayala (Distr. 8)
  • Kevin Riley (Distr. 12)
  • Althea Stevens (Distr. 16)
  • Amanda Farias (Distr. 18)


  • Austin Shafran (Distr. 19)
  • Sandra Ung (Distr. 20)
  • Francisco Moya (Distr. 21)
  • Tiffany Cabán (Distr. 22)
  • Shekar Krishnan (Distr. 25)
  • Adrienne Adams (Distr. 28)
  • Lynn Schulman (Distr. 29)
  • Selvena Brooks-Powers (Distr. 31)
  • Felicia Singh (Distr. 32)


  • Lincoln Restler (Distr.33)
  • Jen Gutiérrez (Distr. 34)
  • Henry Butler (Distr. 36)
  • Sandy Nurse (Distr. 37)
  • Alexa Aviles (Distr. 38)
  • Alicka Ampry-Samuel (Distr. 41)
  • Justin Brannan (Distr. 43)
  • Farah Louis (Distr. 45)
  • Ari Kagan (Distr. 47)
  • Boris Noble (Distr. 48)

New York’s primary elections are scheduled to take place June 22, 2021.


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