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Luna Park, Coney Island
Luna Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC

Sep 01 2023

Fireworks at Coney Island Beach is Back this Summer Season of 2023

Fridays from June 23 – September 1

Plus, Independence Day Evening on Tuesday, July 4

Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn, NY

Summertime fireworks as seen from the pier at Coney Island’s Beach in the evening.

Looks like those wonderful Friday night pyrotechnic displays will be back this coming season at the southernmost tip of Brooklyn. That’s right folks! Gather in for a fun evening display of fireworks off the Coney Island Beach. We’ve known them, in past years, to happen right by Luna Park and the site of the Brooklyn Cyclones’ game field.

We’ve been to this event many moons ago and have always enjoyed it greatly. We can’t tell you much about the exact time for these displays to be ignited since even when specific times were announced, the actual fireworks were often off from supposed scheduled times. We’d say though, expect them to take off sometime between 9:15 pm and 10:00 pm.

Mind you, the Brooklyn Cyclones used to have other dates for fireworks on non-Fridays but thus far we’re seeing nothing in that regard. Stay tuned though.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday, June 23

Friday, June 30

Tuesday, July 4

Friday, July 7

Friday, July 14

Friday, July 21

Friday, July 28

Friday, August 4

Friday, August 11

Friday, August 18

Friday, August 25

Friday, September 1

The event is finished.