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Times Square
Times Square, NYC

Dec 28 2023

Times Square

2023 Good Riddance Day in Times Square

Thursday, December 28, 2023
12:00 – 1:00 pm

Times Square Plaza
between 45th and 46th Street on Broadway

Bid farewell to your undesirable memories of the past year at our yearly Good Riddance Day celebration!

Good Riddance Day draws its inspiration from a Latin American custom where celebrants of the New Year filled dolls with items symbolizing unpleasant memories and then set them ablaze. We invite you to participate in the symbolic destruction of any distressing, unhappy, and absolutely unwanted memories from the past year. Jot down your most mortifying moments, your significant failures, and deepest regrets on our official Good Riddance Day forms, and we’ll ensure they’re disposed of before we step into 2024.

Not in New York City? Remember to use #GoodRiddanceDay on Twitter and Instagram, and we’ll take care of discarding your negative memories for you!

The event is finished.