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Paley Museum
25 West 52nd Street, NYC

Apr 15 2023 - May 28 2023

Calling All Yellowstone Fans!

At the Paley Center for Media: “1923: Costume Design Across Three Continents”

On Display from April 5 – May 28, 2023

Paley Museum, 25 West 52nd Street, NYC

Calling all Yellowstone fans, and those who have followed each of the show’s prequels, 1892 and 1923 – New York City has something special in store for you. The Paley Center for Media, known for showcasing the cultural, creative, and social significance of media, has opened its latest exhibit, 1923: Costume Design Across Three Continents” from Wednesday, April 5th to Sunday, May 28th at the Paley Museum in Midtown Manhattan.

Paying homage to A-list stars including Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford and other favorites Brandon Sklenar and Julia Schleapher, visitors will find themselves immersed in Emmy Award-Winning Costume Designer Janie Bryant’s craftsmanship and artistry, while learning more about the rich details and authenticity that the early 1900’s gave to fashion.

The exhibit will feature:

  • Original costumes worn by the cast of 1923including Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, and many more
  • Screenings of the first season of 1923 in the Bennack Theater, along with a curated selection of Western-themed television episodes from the Paley Archive in the Goodson Theater for the whole family
  • Family fun and education programming, including Western-themed arts and crafts for children
  • Gallery exhibit organized to fit the theme of three core storylines: The Duttons’ Yellowstone Ranch; the East African Savannas and Italy; and a government residential boarding school in Montana

…And more!

The Paley Center’s Membership offers free admission to the Paley Museum, along with a whole host of other benefits (including VIP invitations, red carpets with celebrities, access to the PaleyGX Gaming Studio and VR Experience and more!). For more information about Paley Membership, visit paleycenter.org/membership.


The event is finished.