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Apr 25 2024

Brooklyn Pancakes & Booze Art Show

Thursday, April 25
7:00 pm

The Brooklyn Monarch
23 Meadow St, Brooklyn

For the 21+ Older Crowd

Learn more about purchasing tickets at their official site.

Join them for one of the biggest pop-up art phenomena that has swept across North America in the last decade. They’re celebrating more than 14 years of dishing out FREE PANCAKES and showcasing some of the country’s most promising emerging artists.

ABOUT The Pancakes & Booze Art Show: This event, based in LA, started in 2009 and has since made over 500 appearances in more than 35 cities across Europe & North America.

As the batter cooks and beer bubbles, canvases cover the walls from top to bottom, while hundreds, sometimes thousands, of attendees enjoy limitless pancakes.

This isn’t your typical, stuffy, wine-and-cheese, highbrow art event. It’s a fresh take on the art show format, providing a welcoming atmosphere for budding artists to display and sell their work in a freeform, anything-goes setting.

The event is finished.