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Bryant Park
Bryant Park, NYC

Aug 21 2023

Monday Movie Nights Return to Bryant Park this Summer of 2023

Mondays from Mid June to late August

Bryant Park lawn, behind the NY Public Library between 5th and 6th avenue and between 40th and 42nd Street.

As I years past, one of midtown Manhattan’s most anticipated outdoor events will be back on Monday evenings. Featuring a roster of hit films from years past.

The lawn opens up at 5:00 pm and films begin at 8:00 pm

In case of rain, the film will usually continue yet the lawn should be expected to close. On the chance of thunderstorms then the screening may be delayed or cancelled.

Following is the schedule of films for this coming season.

Learn more at the official page here…

Monday, June 19


A group of young black women rise to fame in the music industry in the 1960s.


Monday, June 26

Mean Girls

A new girl at a high school tries to fit in with the popular clique, but soon learns that they are not what they seem.


Monday, July 3

School of Rock

A down-and-out musician poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school and starts a rock band with the students.


Monday, July 10

Roman Holiday

A princess from a European country goes on a secret vacation to Rome and falls in love with an American journalist.


Monday, July 17

Reality Bites

A group of friends in their early 20s try to figure out life after college.


Monday, July 24

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

The crew of the USS Enterprise search for Spock’s body after he sacrifices himself to save the ship.


Monday, July 31


A group of friends in Los Angeles try to make it in the movie business.


Monday, August 7

48 Hours

A police detective and a convict team up to find a killer in 48 hours.


Monday, @August 14


A male model becomes a target after he is brainwashed to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia.


Monday, August 21

Good Burger

Two friends work at a fast food restaurant and try to save it from being closed down.

The event is finished.