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Luna Park, Coney Island
Luna Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC

Aug 19 2022

Coney Island / Luna Park Fireworks for Summer 2022

Fridays through August 19
Plus on the 4th of July

Tentatively speaking: You can usually expect fireworks to take off past 9:20 pm? Although, one year we waited until 10:00 pm.

Between West 10th Street and West 12th Street (in Coney Island Beach & Boardwalk), Brooklyn

We’d been checking and rechecking the Brooklyn Cyclones’ website as well as other sources and it’s only now that we’ve come to learn that we should’ve kept up on our re-checking.

They’re happening! Those wonderful pyrotechnic displays off the Beach in Southern Brooklyn this Summer!

We’ve been to a number of these years back and we’ve always enjoyed them! We’ve traveled down there by car and well, getting out of the area has always been a huge hassle but should you be so inclined then there’s always public transportation.

The event is finished.