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May 06 2023

Free Comic Book Day: A Chance to Discover New Comics

May 6, 2023

Visit the official site here…

Free Comic Book Day is a yearly event where comic shops around the world give away free comics to promote the industry and encourage new readers. The event is held on the first Saturday in May. There are a wide variety of comics available, from superheroes to popular film and television shows, to beloved video games, and all-ages tales. Many comic shops also host community events such as costume contests, creator signings, drawings by guest artists, raffles and prizes, photos with costumed characters, and other fun community activities throughout the day.

To get involved, simply find a participating comic shop near you using the Official Free Comic Book Day Store Locator. Then, all you need to do is show up there on the first Saturday in May to get your free comic books!

Check out the Official Store Locator participating in this day’s event

The event is finished.