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Oct 28 2023

Japan Fes NYC Calendar

That delicious outdoor celebration of Japanese foods like Takoyaki, Karaage, Okonomiyaki, Ramen, Matcha sweets, Yakisoba and more will continue through this year of 2023 with a host of set dates at different locations throughout the Big Apple. A ton of offerings can be found from an abundance of food vendors.

According to them there’ll also be offerings from other countries as well.

Be sure to visit the official JAPAN Fes site as well!

Sunday, March 26
East Village
Astor Place, Broadway – Lafayette Street

Saturday, April 1
Upper West Side
By Columbia University / Along Broadway from 115th – 116th Street

Saturday, April 15
6th Avenue from 24th – 26th Street

Saturday, April 29
Ramen Contest @ Chelsea
8th Avenue from 16th – 17th Street

Sunday, April 30
Ramen Contest @ Astoria
Steinway Street / Broadway to 34th Avenue

Saturday, May 20
Broadway from 29th to 32nd Street

Sunday, May 21
Park Slope
5th Avenue from 9th – 10th Street

Sunday, June 4
Midtown West
8th Avenue from 49th to 50th Street

Saturday, June 17
East Village
Bleecker Street from LaGuardia to Mercer Street

Sunday, June 18
Park Slope
7th Avenue from 5th – 6th Street

Sunday, July 2
Broadway from 45th – 46th Street

Saturday, July 15
East Village
6th Avenue from 19th – 20th Street

Saturday, August 26
Summer Fes @ East Village
Broadway from 8th – 10th Street

Sunday, August 27
Summer Fes @ East Village
4th Avenue from 9th – 11th Street

Saturday, September 9
Upper East Side
3rd Avenue from 75th – 76th Street

Saturday, September 16
Konamon Contest @ Chelsea
8th Avenue from 16th – 17th Street

Sunday, September 17
Konamon Contest @ Chelsea
6th Avenue from 24th – 25th Street

Saturday, October 7
Ramen Contest @ East Village
4th Avenue from 9th St to 11th Street

Sunday, October 8
Ramen Contest @ Upper West Side
Broadway from 75th – 76th Street

Saturday, October 28
East Village
Astor Place from Broadway – Lafayette Street


The event is finished.