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Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center, NYC

Dec 05 - 21 2023

Lincoln Square’s Magical Lights

December 5 – 21, 2023

Special Event on the first day, December 5 beginning at 4:30 pm

Dante Park, Broadway & West 64th Street

Lincoln Square is hosting a magical lights event in Dante Park this December. The event will feature audio reactive lighting by Limbic Media, which will hang from the branches of the eight giant London Plane trees surrounding the park. The lights will twinkle to the rhythm of a beat, and there will be live music from Kaufman Music Center’s Special Music School Chorus and Chia’s Dance Party. Visitors can also participate in SING-ALONGs, or clap, sing, or play a tune to make the lights dance. The event kicks off on Tuesday, December 5th at 4:30pm with a performance by The Department of Spectacle, a classic circus arts troupe.

Learn more about Madigal Lights at this official page

The event is finished.