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Times Square
Times Square, NYC

Feb 14 2024

Love Frozen in Time: Governors Island Ice Sculpture Winner Shines in Times Square!

February 14, 2024
2:30 – 5:00 pm

Winning Ice Sculpture Unveiled in Times Square, Broadway and 46th Street

The magic of February’s Governors Island Ice Sculpture Show may have melted, but love lives on! The winning design, chosen by both public vote and a stellar jury, now graces the heart of New York City in majestic ice form.

Remember those incredible ice creations showcasing diverse interpretations of love? Witness the winning sculpture stand tall in Times Square until it melts, serving as a reminder of the event’s artistic brilliance and the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

From Island to Icon:

The journey began on February 3rd at Governors Island, where ten talented finalists collaborated with expert ice carvers from Okamoto Studio. Witnessing their vision take shape live was a sight to behold! Now, the chosen masterpiece basks in the vibrant energy of Times Square, embodying the power of artistic expression and celebrating love in all its forms.

Your Vote Mattered:

A big shout-out to everyone who cast their vote for the “People’s Choice Award”! Your participation helped crown the winning design, now proudly on display for all to admire.

More Than Just a Sculpture:

The Governors Island Ice Sculpture Show transcended artistic competition. It provided a platform for diverse perspectives, showcased emerging talent, and fostered a festive atmosphere with fire pits, games, and delicious food.

The Memories Remain:

Even though the ice itself is gone, the memories and impact of the event linger. Whether you witnessed the live carving, cast your vote, or now catch a glimpse of the winning sculpture in Times Square, you played a part in celebrating love and art in a unique way.

The event is finished.