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NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: “WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS CRISIS” – To answer daily questions from New Yorkers

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: “WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS CRISIS” – To answer daily questions from New Yorkers

At the end of Mayor de Blasio’s near daily press conference on NYC’s response to COVID-19 he announced how he would be greeting the city every morning through social media and answering questions posed by New Yorkers.

NYC Mayor:

We started something, in addition to Press Conferences and individual interviews I give to the media – Everyday I will do a daily message from the mayor. It’s going to be a very brief, but I hope, helpful message giving people a little bit of grounding as we start the day. As to where we stand, what we’re dealing with and some very important reminders about how to think about the situation. But also, answers to questions that everyday New Yorkers are asking me – and all of us in government.

So, I’ll make that a daily feature, I’ll give some opening statements but then I’ll quickly go to questions I’ve received and giving you answers that I hope will be very helpful to you in your everyday life.

Anyone who has a question for me, you can go to (hashtag) #AskMyMayor and raise whatever question it is.   It could be something about something very specific to your neighborhood, or your life. It could be something that we’re  all dealing with, but send in your questions.  I’ll try and answer as many as I can and we’ll make sure that we’re constantly updating people on things that they care about.

You can get that message from the mayor everyday at 9:00 am it’ll go up and you can find it on my twitter feed – and that’s @NYCMayor. You can find it at Facebook, which is NYCMayor and at Instagram at BillDeblasio.

I will constantly endeavor to give you information in a brief, straight-forward manner that will really, hopefully, help you get through this crisis.

I’ll conclude by saying the one thing I know in my heart and I know for sure and it is a fact: We Will Get Through This Crisis and it will not be easy but we will all get through together. Thank you everybody.

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