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NYC Mayor de Blasio: “It is immoral that our president has not ordered our military to full mobilization…”

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio: “It is immoral that our president has not ordered our military to full mobilization because this is the great threat to our nation.”

Midway through this article, you’ll find the audio of Mayor de Blasio speaking of the subject covered on this page.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that on this day, March 19, 2020, Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio held yet another COVID-19 Emergency Response Press Conference. Actually, it was a TELE-Conference, held in respect to the well being of NYC’s journalists as well as the mayor’s own staff since social distancing is that which is needed to be carried out in the battle against the Coronavirus.

Lately, the mayor has been emphasizing the need for help from the military in so far as medical staffing and logistical support is concerned. He’s been very unhappy with the actions, or lack thereof, taken by the federal government…namely with President Trump.

Mr. de Blasio also makes reference to the Defense Production Act. As per FEMA and other sources provides the president to take actions in demanding that the private sector in the best interest of the national interest…in the midst of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and wartime needs. (You can also read this directly related article put forth by Military Times). Why is this relevant? Because, it was finally invoked by the President on March 18, 2020…but yet, hasn’t acted upon it.

Below this audio is the corresponding transcript.

In the paragraphs, which follow, is the transcript of six minutes or so worth of his thoughts spoken out during today’s conference.

“Seems to me, given what we knew about this crisis, given that the city of New York held its first press conference to announce our steps on Coronavirus on January 24th, I think  the president could’ve invoked the Defense Production Act in February or even January, but he’s done it. ‘and we know the history which that authorization allows for massive actions by the Federal Government to ensure that companies are producing needed goods, that they get to where they’re needed most. However the president has not ordered any of those subsequent actions. And this must change immediately.”

“Through the Defense Production Act the president can authorize the Department of Health and Human Services to order manufacturers to provide materials and services and use their private facilities to manufacture needed items. That has not happened. We have not seen the order from the president. In short, the 24/7 production of all items needed by our healthcare industry and I would say very plainly every factory in America that can be converted to healthcare production, the equipment and supplies that our valiant healthcare professionals need, they would need even more in the coming months. Every such factory should be ordered on a full production basis on a level prioritized by the Federal Government, and then those goods must be distributed. They cannot be distributed with business as usual manner because, as I said, here in NYC? We are 2 weeks or 3 weeks away from running out of the supplies we need most for our hospitals.”

“The only way those supplies can be provided in time is through the full mobilization of the United States Military. At this point, there’s never been a greater no-brainer in the history of the republic. How on earth is the finest military on earth being left on the sidelines? That’s what’s happening right now and I guarantee you, go interview our Generals and our brave men and women who serve the military. Go interview the average American soldier and ask them if they stand ready to get the supplies needed by New York City and the other parts of this nation that are in such danger right now. I guarantee you they would tell you, that’s exactly why they are part of our armed forces and they would not only await the order, they would welcome the order. That order has not been given by our Commander in Chief.”

“It is beyond comprehension. It is immoral that our president has not ordered our military to full mobilization because this is the great threat to our nation. We have armed forces overseas who are protecting us against terrorism or threats. Right now we have a domestic threat on a level we have never seen in decades. Our military is the only answer at this point. ‘and we expect those good that are produced that we need for our hospitals, to get there on time…there is only one organization that can guarantee that, and that is the United States Military. When will President Trump give the order. That is my question, When Will He Give the Order?  Why is he hesitating? People are suffering now and they will be suffering so much more in the month of April. ‘and the president gives himself an A grade and he congratulates himself. ‘and yet, he will not act in the way we need it most. This is patently unacceptable.”

“Our military also, in addition to their to their extraordinary logistical capacity, our military has the ability to bring exceptional medical personnel directly to where the need is the greatest. Our healthcare leadership here in the city has made clear that supplies and medical equipment are a deep concern. Physical capacity to build out new healthcare abilities and beds is crucial. But the single most important factor is personnel. We’re going to need all the people I’ve spoken of previously to do all they can do, but they can’t do it alone. In our military are extraordinarily trained professionals used to dealing with the most difficult circumstances and yet they are at their bases right now all over this country. They are not at the front. The front is here in NYC. Let’s be very clear, this is a different kind of war. The front is right here in New York City. How on earth are some of the finest medical professionals in this nation who served this nation…why have they not been activated and sent to NYC? ‘and New York State? ‘and California? ‘and Washington State? Where they can be helping right now. We need them. We need everything the military can bring to bear.”

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