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NYC Mayor: It is Dangerous to be Close Together, despite Governor’s Office stating it to be Safe

NYC Mayor: It is Dangerous to be Close Together, despite Governor’s Office stating it to be Safe

NYC Mayor de Blasio during today’s COVID-19 Press Conference

Today, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio reminded New Yorkers that it is “dangerous to be close together” in response to the thousands of protesters that have taken to the streets in recent days. The statement came during his daily COVID-19 Press Conference.

Contextually speaking, one can safely assume that he uttered those words out of concerns that COVID-19 confirmed cases might spike in the coming days.

Mayor de Blasio, “If you have been at one of these protests, I want to strongly urge you to get tested. It has been a real concern that people have gathered in close proximity. I understood and understand still this painful real moment in history, but I want to keep reminding people: It is dangerous to be close together – and people must keep social distance and we’ve got to get back to that clear understanding. … So if you have been in a protest, I strongly urge you to get tested.”

Interestingly, the Mayor’s comments would come just days prior to the city’s expected entry into Phase 1 Re-Opening Status. With that, both he and the Governor have stated that 200 – 400,000 people would be returning to work with a good portion of those making use of NYC’s mass transit system.

During Governor Andrew Cuomo’s May 26 press conference, the subject of the MTA (NYC’s Metropolitan Transit Authority) would be raised with questions about the viability of safe traveling within. The Governor would make mention of the new cleaning and disinfecting protocols which he introduced for the sake of commuters’ safety. As well, he would clearly state how socials distancing would not be ideal. ” You have to see if that is an issue. Social Distancing, as we maintain it – in other circumstances – I don’t know if you’d be able to maintain strict social distancing on a bus or a train. I don’t think that’s reality. So they can’t do strict social distancing, but they can do the cleaning protocol, the disinfecting protocol, ” said the Governor.

His Budget Director Robert Mujica, who also sits on the MTA Board, followed up with the following: “Wearing a mask next to other people that are wearing masks, even if you’re not socially distancing has been safe.”

Later in the conference, the Mayor would reveal how hospitalizations for those suspected of COVID-19 infections had jumped from 48 yesterday to 84 today.

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