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NYC ‘s World Trade Center Archive/Photos & Links

NYC ‘s World Trade Center Archive/Photos & Links

Let us never forget…the WTC….September 11th….The Terror and our Strength…

NYC = Proof Positive, Behind Every Sunset Lies a Brand New Day!
Note: It’s been years since the attack and although some of the pages listed below may need aesthetic updating, the feeling’s always the same. The aim within is to never forget what’s happened and to never forget what was there. It’s painful at times to recall so much but you’re most likely on this page for a reason. To recall a bit here and there. So, please look below for a look back and to have consideration for the future. We’re all in this together. 911 as one person states was the day that humanity embraced. Oh, how horrible a path for our world to take for all to get together and yet, what a wonderful end-result for all of us to pursue…MY, what a dream to imagine!
Whomever and Whatever your God may be, may we all exist in our unity, our hopes, our dreams, and our pursuit for peace! From my own wishes, may My God bless you all and may your own God and Beliefs bless me as well.
So, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but may we hold hands in our pursuit of what hopefully will hold this world together in years to come. I may be only one dreamer in a world that’s gone far astray, but I am one of many, and many, and many…
Hoping for Eternal Love, Understanding and Oneness.
A dream to behold and hopefully one day to realise!

Past Exhibit

A New World Trade Center: Design Proposals
at Max Protech, 511 W. 22nd St. Jan 17th – Feb 16th
See this exhibition of architectural proposals for what’s to be built there.

Past Exhibit

In case you missed the exhibit at Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal:

Click to view some photos taken at Vanderbilt Hall

It took place at:

Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal
January 9th – 20th
Faces of Ground Zero
A Photographic Tribute to America’s Heroes
8:00am – 10:00pm
Jan 20th: 8:00am – 5pm
Free to all

The following will remain forever on New Yorkled. It has not been changed since September 11, 2001 and it will neither be changed nor removed from this page. New Yorkled has gotten complaints from people and requests to remove this and other parts of the WTC pages. Sorry, but the idea is to keep the memory alive. To remind people of what once stood in lower Manhattan and the terror and destruction that hate brings to the world. Let us never forget!

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Built from 1970-1975, there are 7 buildings that make up the World Trade Center. The North and South Towers (1 & 2 World Trade Center) are those huge monoliths that you see from almost any distance in the downtown area of Manhattan. Each has a height of 110 floors. Actually, you can see them from as far as the northern part of the Bronx, the eastern most part of Queens and from certain points in lower Brooklyn. Additional information for the WTC Complex, its heights & elevators Both 1 & 2 WTC: 97 passenger & 6 freight – 110 floors each / Built 1970 & 1972 4 WTC: 12 passenger, 1 freight – 9 floors / Built 1977 5 WTC: 9 passenger – 9 floors / Built 1972 6 WTC: 8 passenger, 4 freight – 8 floors / Built 1975 Atop the North Tower is the 360 foot antenna which had been the tallest in the world, that is, until the Chicago Sears Tower’s antenna had been extended an additional 22 feet in 2000. It beat out the WTC tower by a foot. The WTC antenna serves a number of television and radio stations here in the City. Beneath this all is the Austin J. Tobin Plaza which recently went through a $12 million redevelopment….and boy!…’tell ya’….what a difference from the way it all looked years ago. In constructing the WTC, over 1.2 million cubic yards of land were removed and later placed in the Hudson River for the sake of building Battery Park City. There are over 40,000 workers in the WTC with well over 239 elevators to serve them and others. Of these, the quickest being the Express Elevators can travel at speeds of 27 feet per second. The sky lobby express elevators are capable of carrying 55 people, a 10,000 pound capacity. I used to work on the 44th floor of 2 WTC and will never forget those elevators. ‘Just try being in one when you’ve got a cold…..’you’ll be deaf for at least 10 minutes! The following of course is not available anymore but is preserved as a matter of historical sake. If you’re in the area then definitely visit the Top of the World Trade Center Observatories which are open year ’round….’it’s quite a sight!. Just be sure to have your camera handy…. This is one of the six sights available through City Pass.

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