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NYC’s Heroes Battling COVID-19 Celebrated at Coney Island Hospital by Mayor, FDNY and others

NYC’s Front Line Heroes Battling COVID-19 Celebrate at Coney Island Hospital by Mayor, FDNY and others

On April 16 Mayor de Blasio made an appearance at NYC Health + Hospitals / Coney Island in honor of the healthcare workers there. His wife Chirlane McCray and other local notables were on hand to join in the 7:00 pm Clap for our Heroes as well as to hand out care packages to these front line workers.

Video of the Mayor’s approach and the ensuing 7:00 pm Applause for our Heroes on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Crisis

The citywide applause, which has now become a daily tradition, began in late March of 2020 and would continue on as a nightly happening every day at 7:00 pm.  Such was the scene on Thursday, April 16 as many folks gathered to applaud our NYC heroes. Afterwards, the Mayor would speak as would his wife and others.

Mayor de Blasio:

“Our public hospitals have been leading the way in this crisis. You’ve been showing everyone how it’s done. You’ve been amazing the way you fought through everything. You saved so many lives – and all over the country, all over the world people are watching. There’s nothing more beautiful than the fact that residents of communities are coming out to applaud you – and our heroes, our heroes, the first responders (pointing out to the NYPD and NYFD standing nearby) and others are coming out to applaud you. To honor you – and it’s happening every day all over the city. There’s something beautiful even in the midst of all this challenge, all this crisis, something beautiful is happening. “

“Everyone, I want you to know there are people who are watching you and they’re not just saying that you’re great, they want to do something to help you. We’re here to celebrate this amazing effort – this healthcare heroes effort to make sure you get a little more help each day. So this is what we’re celebrating today and it’s going to be huge. 300,000 plus care packages to help all of you. “

Mayor de Blasio speeks as do others

The Mayor would go on to mention the $20 million donated by the Debra and Leon Black family towards helping to provide food, household supplies and health products to NYC’s 100,000+ Healthcare Workers.

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