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NY’s New COVID-19 Business Restrictions for Restaurants, Bars, Gyms & Personal Care Services

New York’s New COVID-19 Business Restrictions for Restaurants, Bars, Gyms & Personal Care Services

In light of the continued rise in COVID-19 related hospitalizations and positivity rates, NY Governor Andre Cuomo today announced that indoor dining would cease in NYC beginning Monday, December 14.

In addition, Gyms would be allowed to resume operations as would other non-essential businesses at limited capacities as outlined below.

The Governor had already referenced such a possibility in the past days and weeks.

“CDC last week did a caution on indoor dining. In New York City you put the CDC caution on indoor dinging together with the rate of transmission and the density and the crowding, that is a bad situation,” said Governor Cuomo. “The hospitalizations have continued to increase in New York City. We said that we would watch it. If the hospital rate didn’t stabilize we would close indoor dining and it has not. We’re going to close indoor dining in New York City on Monday. Outdoor dining and takeout continues.”

The Governor’s office issued a press release later in the day featuring the related information below.

Updated Business Restrictions

Suspension of Indoor Dining in New York City

Beginning on Monday, December 14, indoor dining will be suspended in New York City. This measure comes after the federal Centers for Disease Control updated its guidance to say ‘Exposures at nonessential indoor settings and crowded outdoor settings pose a preventable risk to all participants. Indoor venues, where distancing is not maintained and consistent use of face masks is not possible (e.g. restaurant dining) have been identified as particularly high-risk scenarios’ and New York City continues to see increased positivity, cases per capita, daily hospital admissions, and total hospitalizations. This suspension will continue to be re-evaluated based on updated data over the coming weeks, and to provide additional support to the industry during these difficult times, the Governor is extending the state’s moratorium on commercial evictions and is renewing his call for Congress to include support for bars and restaurants in the next stimulus package.

Updated Rules for Gyms and Salons

Gyms and personal care services were originally higher risk environments for viral transmission, but the State’s latest data shows that the rate of spread has been reduced in businesses that are operating in accordance with the Department of Health’s New York Forward guidance. Following the State’s principles of recalibration and balancing public health measures with economic impact, these businesses that are within orange zones may operate with additional services restrictions, starting Monday, December 14. Specifically, gyms and fitness centers — which are currently closed in orange zones — will be allowed to operate at 25 percent capacity, reduced from 33 percent.  Personal care services — for example, salons and barbershops which are also currently closed in orange zones — will be allowed to provide services so long as the employees performing services are tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis, and obtain a negative test result prior to opening.

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