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ONLY TRUE HEROES get to walk down the FDNY Gauntlet of Applause!

Who Gets to Walk the New York City Fire Department’s Gauntlet of Applause? Those on the Front Lines. Our Newest Heroes!

I would pay to be able to witness this sort of scene every day. Who doesn’t love celebrating a hero? How about multitudes of them? ‘Or perhaps tens of thousands? Yet, it’s a bittersweet sentiment considering why it’s taking place to begin with.

Since the Novel Coronavirus took hold of our city there’s been innumerable numbers of healthcare workers, volunteers and others taking hold of the fight to contain this awful disease. They can be found within our hospitals and anywhere else that’s been set up for the sake of taking in the sick. It’s just as our Mayor Bill de Blasio’s been saying since the very beginning. It is a war we’ve found ourselves in with one ensuing battle after another being waged throughout the five boroughs.

With our city as THE epicenter of America’s pandemic the struggles going on within these places is unimaginable. Thus, this is why they’re our heroes and why we celebrate them every evening at 7:00 pm.

The above video was taken on April 16 at Coney Island Hospital at just past 7:00 pm. The Mayor was there, as was his wife and others.

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