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Opera Gallery’s Marcello Lo Giudice Exhibition

Opera Gallery’s Marcello Lo Giudice Exhibition

May 10 – June 9, 2018

Opera Gallery
791 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Please continue to check on the Opera Gallery website for updates regarding this exhibition
It is with great pleasure that we present Eden Universe, Eden Ocean, a major solo exhibition of sedimentary, saturated, abstract paintings from Marcello Lo Giudice at Opera Gallery New York for the very first time.
It is undeniable that Lo Giudice’s paintings draw influence from his early studies in the scientific field of Geology, however, rather than remaining limited by the solid, unshakable representation of time, these celebratory paintings reflect a more transitory and ephemeral, perhaps even spiritual status. Combining his knowledge of the Earth’s organic processes with a sympathetic passion for material substance, these richly colored tableaus go on to reflect the artist’s magnetism towards the sublime, an exotic territory, that defies scientific analytical definition with an urge to see, and indeed feel, beyond the process of study or thought.

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