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Our trip on the Hudson Aboard Circle Line’s Spring Fling Cruise

Our trip on the Hudson Aboard Circle Line’s Spring Fling Cruise

Video and Photos can be found near the bottom of this page.

This Just In:

To celebrate all of the amazing mother’s out there, Circle Line is letting all mom’s ride for free on their limited-time Spring Fling Day Cruise on Mother’s Day! With code “MOMSFREE22” on May 8, mother’s will be able to experience the legendary sightseeing cruise with their families and enjoy a relaxing day out at sea.

On May 1st, 2022 we got to experience Circle Line’s 4 ½ hour Spring Fling Cruise up the Hudson River.

Taking off from Manhattan’s midtown west we headed to just beyond the Mario Cuomo Bridge and back. Gotta tell ya’. It was the cure we needed to our Winter Blues. Heck, too many of us have been cooped up for much longer than that due to all the problems our world’s been enduring.

There I was, on the boat’s bow taking in all the clean fresh air as it rushed into my face and through my hair. What a natural high! This ride’s the sort of thing for you if, like myself, you enjoy being on the waters this way; and, as an added plus, if you’re into photography. Managed to get some great shots of the George Washington and Mario Cuomo bridges I would’ve never gotten otherwise.

Eventually, we tired out and found ourselves inside humming along to some live music and enjoying some coffee and treats.

Everyone else on board looked as if they were enjoying themselves. Some having beers, others meals. All of which can be purchased on the boat.

So, if you’re interested in this kinda ride then I suggest your hurry since it’ll end in mid May.

You can learn more at their official page here…

Quick Timelapse Video from our trip:

Boarding: We were some of the first one’s on board. More folk were on their way.

Live Performances by Divining Rod


As you can see, one can stand on this level or below at the boat’s bow.


Here she is!

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