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Our Vaccine Distribution ClusterMuck Experience Today

Our Vaccine Distribution ClusterMuck Experience Today

So today, I accompanied my loved one for their first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

I stood online with him for the bulk of the total 3.5 hours it took to finally get his shot. What kills me isn’t the amount of time spent but the ‘why’.

According to a nurse within the facility, they were greatly understaffed. What should have been over 20 individuals helping in the process amounted to six or so.

Tables set up within for the administration of these doses were aplenty. Yet, just over a handful were actually tending to those looking to be vaccinated.

To make things worse, a card given by one of the staff stated that his next dose would be on February 16th. He was told to expect an email with instruction and/or to go online and book an appointment.

No email was received and there are no slots online for that date. The closest he could manage was for the 21st which amounts to 33 days since this first dose.

Yes, there’s word online that one can go beyond the suggested 28 day time range between doses – yet, it’s not clear enough. Need I explain why we don’t want to screw this up for lack of info?

As if it wasn’t bad enough for the elderly to be standing for hours in the freezing cold they get insulted with this nonsense?

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo recently stressed how one NEEDS to make their appointment immediately following their first gotten vaccination. Hmmm, well, we’ve got a date yet we’ve nowhere to go.

I’ve no doubt things will sort themselves out once President Biden carries out all that I’m hoping and expecting of him. Invocation of the production act, enabling and incorporating the National Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers – along with whatever other tricks he’s got up his sleeve.

I know that a great deal of this has to do with the lack of supply. But, Jeez Louise this doesn’t look good. 

Hey Mr. Mayor. Hey Governor. How ‘bout getting on the ball!?

For anyone curious, the locale we visited today is Walton High School in the Bronx.

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