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Our Visit to National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey – A Review + Videos + Photo Gallery

Our Visit to National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey

A Review + Videos + Photos

Below this video we put together is our review followed by a quick photo gallery.

Close to the heart of Times Square is this wonderful midtown attraction. An experience that’s both educating and entertaining.

Message in a Bottle
Asher Jay, Artist and National Geographic Explorer
365 Mixed Media Plastic Bottles

Walking into this exhibit I had no idea that I’d be swimming through the ocean with a 50 foot Humpback whale, witnessing a battle between a pair of savage Humboldt squids, and standing eye to eye with the most playful of sea lions. Well, we weren’t actually swimming anywhere and the sea creatures weren’t real but some of ’em sure as heck felt like it. These were just a few of the items we got to experience at National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey. An award winning attraction that’s as close as possible to being an aquarium sans a single drop of water.
Divided into two parts. The first half takes us on a tour which includes a walk through a mirrored maze; video presentations coupled with narrative guidance from our host; a stunning 3d visual adventure through the ocean; a one-on-one meet with a sea lion and more. The second half leaves you to explore on your own within an area of interactive displays.
3d Experience – Major Wow Factor here folks!

I’ve gotta mention how much of a big kick we got out of the 3D portion of the tour as well as the room of sea lions. Both are the sorts that us kids truly enjoy and well, the little ones will just love it!
According to the folks at Nat Geo, a portion of the funds collected from visits go towards the Geographic Society’s nonprofit work in conservation, exploration, research and education and that’s a really good thing in our opinion. This world, with all its climate change problems and the intrusion of humans upon the delicate ecosystems of our oceans, could use all the help it can get from caring nonprofits and other organizations.
Yours truly is seriously considering signing up for their VIP Ocean Explorer Pass which allows one repeated access throughout the calendar year for just one, relatively speaking, affordable price.
As well, is their newly announced Sip ‘n Sea days wherein visitors get to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage in the Pacific Room Lounge on select days.

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