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Over 20,000 Speeding Tickets Issued During New York’s Speed Awareness Week

Over 20,000 Speeding Tickets Issued During New York’s Speed Awareness Week

Today, the results of New York States latest crackdown on vehicular speeding were revealed by the Office of the Governor of New York State.

A total of 21,428 tickets for speeding were issued during Speed Awareness Week. In addition, 30,273 tickets were given for other vehicle and traffic law violations

“Speed limits are not a suggestion, they are the law and they save lives. There is no excuse for driving at high speeds – it’s unnecessary and endangers everyone on the road — and I urge New Yorkers to be smart and slow down because it’s not worth risking lives to save a few seconds on your next commute or trip to the store,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“Speeding can have grave consequences and lead to avoidable and needless tragedy. We have zero tolerance for reckless driving in New York and make no mistake: dangerous drivers will be caught and will be held accountable.”

Following are the numbers of tickets handed out for each violation:

Speeding – 21,428

Other Violation – 26,141

Seatbelt Violation – 1,984

Impaired Driving – 995

Distracted Driving – 662

Move Over Law Violation – 491


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