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Randall’s Island Park Alliance Working with NYC Pantries : Also Looking for Volunteers

Randall’s Island Park Working with Local Pantries to Help those In Need : Also Looking for Volunteers

The Randall’s Island Park Alliance sent out an email alert about something most are likely not aware of. A partnership between themselves and local food pantries for the sake of helping those in need.

We were familiar with the urban farm being operated on the island. We’ve even listed many of their student participatory events they’ve had over the years which have taught them about gardening as well as about the environment. It’s a wonderful thing to be hearing about that which they’re doing for our city.

Randall’s Island is located between the Boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and situated between the East River and the Harlem River.

We’ve received their newsletters for quite some time now and maybe you’ll want to consider signing up yourself?

Following below would be their latest newsletter:

We are excited to partner with NY Common Pantry and LSA Family Health Service to donate fresh produce from the Urban Farm to local community pantries. To date, we have donated nearly 1,000 pounds of vegetables that range from broccolini and lemon sorrel to kohlrabi and komatsuna, and many herbs and spices! Our farmers are hard at work harvesting the seasonal produce at the Urban Farm, and we hope soon to welcome NYC public school students back to the Farm for our free Urban Farm Edible Education Program. The Farm is now open to a limited number of visitors per day while following social distancing guidelines.

Click here to read a recent NY1 feature about the Urban Farm food donation!

We are also excited to share that we are now offering volunteer opportunities for individuals and small groups (25 people or fewer). If you are interested in volunteering at the Urban Farm or in the beautiful gardens and natural areas, we invite you to come out and work with our team! Click here to learn more

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