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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Arrives in Midtown and is Hoisted into Place + Photos + Video

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Arrives in Midtown and is Hoisted into Place + Photos & Video

Today, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree arrived in midtown Manhattan on the back of a 115-foot long trailer – thereafter, it wasn’t long before riggers went to work on getting the tree airborne and into its place beside the Rink at Rockefeller Plaza.

As we’ve been mentioning over the past week the 11 ton and 45 feet in diameter Norway Spruce was cut down on November 12 in the town of Oneonta, Otswego, NY. We weren’t able to make it up there for its departure but we were there today for its welcoming into the Big Apple!

Family members of the Donor, Daddy Al’s General Store, were there today at Rockefeller Center.

Upon our arrival at 6:30 am, this morning, we found the tree laying on the back of the trailer at 49th street just a bit away from the plaza. Not too long thereafter it was driven into the area by the rink. Riggers and others worked away at trimming off all the restraints, awning, and ropes. A crane came along and lifted the Spruce at an angle so that a hole could be drilled into its base. A spike would be driven into the hole by the owner’s family members and then lifted and set into place.

What was just described took place over a span of three hours or so.

The tree will then be decorated over the next few weeks in time for its grand lighting on December 2 for which public attendance would not be allowed. Instead, the event will be televised only.

For those of your fretting over not being able to attend. Please allow us to be as brutally honest as we’ve been in the past. You’re not missing anything. The tree is a wonderful experience to behold in person but the lighting is something which a relative small number of individuals get to enjoy every year. Most folk who show up end up being corralled into pens away from the actual lighting with nothing but screens to look upon. Most performances shown on the night of lighting are usually pre-recorded.

Below the following video of the morning’s events is a photo gallery of the same.

Please enjoy the photos provided below.

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