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Smorgasburg 2019 Vendor Lineup Announced

Smorgasburg 2019 Vendor Lineup Announced

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0below (Saturday + Sunday)
Thai rolled ice cream featuring flavors like strawberry with made with fresh fruit and graham crackers, banana with nutella, and s’mores made with graham crackers and milk chocolate. Their Coke float (with a mini Coke bottle) is going to be a big hit.

Amazeballs (Saturday + Sunday)
Former NFL player Derrell Smith returns to Smorgasburg (after a brief 2017 stint) with meatballs and special sauces inspired by his Nana. Get the balls on a roll or in a bowl and top them with anything from parm to potato chips to pineapple habanero sauce. He’s got a vegan option this year, too!

The Better Pop (Saturday Only) 
A kombucha popsicle designed with a (patented!) grid-like shape to make biting and sharing easier. No added sugar, just whole fruit and kombucha, to aid digestion. Flavors include pina colada, blueberry, strawberry and other seasonal flavors.

The Blue Chicken (Saturday + Sunday) 
Fresh out of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, Aaron Ratner joins Smorgasburg with a perfect sous vide chicken sandwich. Brined in buttermilk, put under sous vide, then flash-fried to order at the market. The technique cuts the wait time while making a juicier, more tender chicken sandwich with an extra crispy exterior. It’s topped with charred-poblano spicy mayo.
Borrachito (Saturday + Sunday)
Thick handmade tortillas, made with organic, local corn are the base for their delicious tacos. They’ll make brisket barbacoa, the Pork Bomb (with three different types of pork) and burrata with jalapeno and cilantro chimichurri.

Chofi Familia (Saturday Only)
One word: Birria! The process starts with stewing beef. The fat skimmed from the stew is used to crisp the corn tortillas, which are filled with the tender beef and served with a side cup of high-acid high-fat consomme. Dip the tacos and drink the soup—this is the ultimate hangover cure from Jalisco.

Crack’d (Saturday + Sunday) 
Four different egg sandwiches all based on Japanese tamagoyaki. Try the “BAECic” with a tamagoyaki egg, sous vide bacon, mashed avocado, and chipotle sauce served on a pain au lait bun, or go even bigger with the “Yolkel” taking the tamagoyaki egg and topping it with pulled pork, pickled red onion and pimento cheese.
Fluffy’s NYC (Saturday + Sunday)
Thick soufflé pancakes inspired by the fluffy versions of Japan and Asia. A stack of two “fluffies” comes in original flavor (with butter and real maple syrup), blueberry cheesecake, or creme brulee, torched to order.
Flying V Poutine (Saturday)
Straight from Canada (via Pennsylvania), try poutine, peameal bacon and Montreal smoked meats. The poutine is made with hand-cut fries (cut onsite), and topped with red-wine-braised short rib then smothered in gravy and cheese curds and topped with thyme. The Montreal smoked meat sandwich is not to be missed either!
Gourmet by Nuno (Saturday + Sunday)
Portuguese sandwiches including the sandes de pernil com queijo da serra, which is a slow cooked pork leg topped with traditional sheep’s milk cheese and arugula served on a Portuguese roll; roast suckling pig too!
Jing Fong (Saturday + Sunday)
Cantonese dim sum from Jing Fong, established 40 years ago on Elizabeth Street in Chinatown as the original cart palace, serving steamed pork buns, pan fried dumplings and Peking Duck sandwiches.
Kochin (Saturday + Sunday) 
Beautifully composed, modern frozen desserts inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia. Find crushed ice with a scoop of homemade ice cream paired with different toppings and ingredients. Try the Beauty Dose with coconut ice cream with avocado pudding, cacao nibs, toasted coconut and aloe vera pulp, or the Coffee Bomb with coffee 10 ways.
La Tropikitchen (Saturday + Sunday)
Colombian snacks and housemade sauces, including tamales, bollos de coco and pasteles, all housemade with organic ingredients. Delicious on the tongue plus easy on the eyes in pretty colors.
Millers and Makers (Saturday Only)
Breads, cookies and more made from freshly milled flour by a married duo working to open their own small-batch mill in Brooklyn. Don’t miss the 100% whole grain rye chocolate chip cookies or the sweet-potato cinnamon roll.
Muzzles (Saturday Only)
A traditional German dumplinggets an upgrade when it’s rolled in butter, packed in a pretzel roll, and topped with caramelized onions, creating a hybrid dumpling-burger. The dumpling is known as a “maulstasche” and has origins in southern Germany.
Nansense (Saturday + Sunday)
Our new Afghan comfort food vendor joins outdoor Smorgasburg after a successful run at the winter indoor market and winning the 2018 “Rookie of the Year” award at the Vendys. Dishes include chicken or vegetarian korma and mantu (an Afghan dumpling).
Petisco Brazuca (Saturday + Sunday)
Brazilian snack foods based on the ubiquitous Rio de Janeiro street food known as coxinha, a chicken leg–shaped dough filled with shredded chicken, battered and fried. Petisco (a new Crown Heights brick-and-mortar shop) turns it into a smaller, one-bite snack and fills the dough with cheese, dulce de leche and more. Perfect for sharing!
The Pizza Cupcake (Saturday Only)
Two-bite pizzas baked in the shape of a cupcake. These little guys are just as delicious as they are cute! Served as singles or in orders of four with options like margherita, pepperoni, funghi, and zucchini.
Sons of Thunder (Saturday + Sunday)
Hawaiian and California inspired cuisine focusing on poke. In addition to their fish options, try their vegetarian poke made with golden beets and tofu. All comes topped with crispy garlic and shallots, shredded nori, and serrano peppers over a bed of fresh greens, seaweed salad, cucumbers and rice.
Tojo’s Kitchen (Saturday + Sunday)
Focused on Japanese Miyazaki black wagyu, this stand uses the world’s best beef (the cattle receive regular massages to marble the fat correctly!) to make wagyu “sushi” with sticky rice, Japanese vinegar, and fresh wasabi, as well as a phenomenal wagyu sando, breaded and deep fried, and served on soft milk bread with a Worcestershire reduction.
Tori-San Japanese Fried Chicken (Saturday + Sunday)
Gyoza-stuffed boneless fried chicken wings (yes, a dumpling stuffed in a wing!); chicken and waffles made with okonomiyaki-filled waffles and karaage chicken thighs, topped with Kewpie mayo and bulldog BBQ sauce; and a delicious fried chicken sandwich topped with yuzu slaw, quick pickles, and sriracha kewpie mayo sauce.
Smør (Saturday + Sunday)
This brand-new East Village shop specializes in smørrebrød, the open-faced Nordic staple sandwich, using dense sprouted rye bread (from She Wolf Bakery) topped with pickled herring, creme fraiche, shallots and capers; or try the chicken salad with pickled red onions and beet powder. They also make a Nordic hangover sandwich with thinly sliced roast beef and crispy onions topped with remoulade.
Vayalo Cocina (Saturday Only)
Venezuelan dishes, including arepas, perros calientes and more, from three women who recently emigrated from the tumultuous political situation. The arepas are made with corn flour dough (gluten free!) and cooked on the grill before being topped with pernil, vegetables, or cheese. The over-the-top perros calientes (hot dogs) are famous in Venezuela for being topped with many sauces, slaw, avocado, potato chips and more.
Wonton Tiva (Saturday Only)
Perfectly shaped Hawaiian dumplings stuffed with either pork blended with scallions, garlic, and ginger or tofu, cabbage, and carrot, then neatly wrapped and deep-fried to a golden brown crisp. Dipping sauces include a mustard shoyu or a sweet and spicy pineapple. Named after Tiva, the matriarch of the family, who created the recipes.
Yumpling (Saturday + Sunday)
Known for their food truck that pops up around midtown, Yumpling pivots for Smorgasburg to create a “hot chicken” version of the giant Taiwanese chicken steak. Plus, housemade bubble tea.

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