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Something Wrong with Mayor de Blasio’s Rationale About Social Distancing Enforcement

For weeks, Governor Cuomo’s been going on and on and on again about the need for social distancing enforcement. Since mid June he’s been seemingly ranting on about it – and we describe it that way only because it seems as if no one was ever listening.

Surely the Mayor of New York City hasn’t – and he’s the one whom the Governor’s been indirectly railing against since then. Stating how local government has not been doing its job and how the NYPD needs to do theirs. Of course, it’s the Mayor who’s dictated such an approach, or rather the lack thereof.

The Mayor has twice stated his reluctance to issue summonses for social distancing violations. Not that we think that’s entirely the right way to go. Yet, it’s Mr. de Blasio’s rationale which troubles us.

“We don’t want to give out summonses. Everyone’s hurting right now, financially, economically. But if we have to, we’ll give out summonses,” said the Mayor on July 20.

Almost exactly a month earlier, on June 18, he uttered similar words, “We never want to give a summons and, and add additional financial burden, but the point to everyone is do it the right way so we don’t need to do that kind of enforcement.”

So what’s wrong?

Who goes out drinking in public when they’re financially hurting? Especially when you consider how it’s many times more expensive than drinking at home.

Also, just in case there’s any question as to where such non-compliance was taking place – we’ve Governor Cuomo who’s stated that such acts were taking place at and around bars and restaurants. A sentiment he’s echoed repeatedly, and one that’s grown stronger with nearly every utterance.

So, Mr. Mayor, please, when making an argument please choose your words correctly.

One needs to also remember that the Governor has also been making it clear that aside from the wreck this nation has become with COVID-19 Metrics (and its threat upon New York State’s well-being) it’s also a matter of compliance. This is why he’s restricted New York City from partaking in all that should have been made available to it through Phase 3 and Phase 4.

For anyone unfamiliar, unlike other NY Regions, New York City is not allowed indoor dining, reopening of Malls and reopening of cultural institutions.

Getting back to the enforcement, it can be argued that because of the Mayor’s reluctance to rein in New Yorkers, guilty of non-adherence, it’s the bar and restaurants who in the end pay through violations and suspensions. Not that they’re 100% innocent, but…

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