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Sooo, about all them NYC Fireworks and Why Nothing’s Being Done

Sooo, about all them NYC Fireworks and Why Nothing’s Being Done

Fireworks at Walmart

Update: On June 23, the Mayor announced an Illegal Fireworks Task Force

For days, if not weeks, New Yorkers all around have been kept awake at night with the ruckus of illegal fireworks all over town. Complaints are roaring in at numbers unheard of and folks are wondering why isn’t anything being done about it? ‘and there are some reports that the authorities are looking for those making these pyrotechnics available.

Funny, doesn’t take a rocket scientist (pun intended) to figure out how Walmart’s chock full of ’em. They were there on display just 10 days ago at the Orange County Walmart. Just as I’m sure you’ll be able to find them elsewhere as well. So, why so curious?

As for why nothing’s being done?

Imagine this: Cop goes off to Enforce Fireworks Ban
Roman Candle gets shot his way.
Remember, cops carry guns.
Pretty sure that’s what the Mayor’s Petrified of.

‘and with all that’s been going on?
The recent frictions between the NYPD and Folks?
It’s the last thing we need right now.

A reporter asked Mayor de Blasio about all the fireworks complaints the other day and what’s being done about it.

Mayor responds (half chuckling as if it were all a joke):

“I am very surprised by this, honestly, and I heard it last night, I was in Gracie Mansion, I heard plenty of fireworks going off and I can’t say for sure if it was coming from Roosevelt Island or it was coming from Astoria, Queens, because Gracie is close to both of them, but yeah, there was a lot I’m going to talk to the NYPD about what, what we’re seeing and why. But it’s definitely a phenomenon that I’m not used to seeing this early you know, in the days, right before July 4th, you typically would see some, but this is surprisingly early. So, I don’t have a perfect answer for you, but I’ll be happy to find out what the heck’s going on.”

One possible solution, or rather, something that could help alleviate this all? NY Governor Andrew Cuomo rising to the occasion. With one executive order he can prohibit the sale of all fireworks, of any kind, sold anywhere within the state. Then there’s also his supposed consortium of states.

It was back in April that he and the Governors of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Massachusetts all announced a multi-state council with the aim of restarting our economies. They’re all supplying their own share of fireworks and are likely suffering through their own bit of fireworks mayhem. Maybe he could convince them to follow suit and ban fireworks as well?

I’ve no clue what will happen next for us. Yet, I do believe that IF the Governor were to step up to the plate then it may very well make a difference and steer us clear of some future problems involving our law enforcement agencies.

I’m afraid though, that it’s going to take a burning home with deaths to convince him to do anything. One open window and a firework spark going the wrong way? ‘and it’s game over.

Here’s a video displaying Roman Candle Wars going on in NYC’s Streets. Near the end you’ll spot a police cruiser passing through slowly and not bothering. Not so sure if I WERE A COP that I’d be getting out of that cruiser myself.

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