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St. Patrick's Cathedral Vaulted Ceiling Photo :: Underneath the Belly of the Dragon

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Vaulted Ceiling Photo

Underneath the Belly of the Dragon

Photo taken at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan in March of 2017. It’s one of many like-minded photos taken there that day using the same methodology; that is, my standing there with camera equipment in hand pointing straight up at the ceiling with my back in an ultra-arched stance. The sort of thing which can often times get passing folks’ attention. Yet, as always, my neck and my back survives. lol.
Through the years I’ve shot this same exact sort of image since I can’t get enough of it. Always hoping for some smidgen of improvement or newfound revelation as to how to improve upon previous attempts. They’ve always come out swell, although this one time is different in a number of ways. For one, I feel this particular result bests any other I’ve accomplished in past years. Can’t say for sure if it’s got to do with the newly acquired Nikon D750 or the marriage of that camera with the 14-24mm lens. After all, not all lenses work as well with all cameras. Aside from that mention the greatest difference would be my technique. Normally, I’d find myself stacking prayer and psalm books atop one another and sitting the camera on its back whilst employing a remote for the long exposure. As mentioned above, I’d taken another route in my approach. No books, no laying the camera on its back, no long exposures. Just me standing in the aisle pointing skyward at an exposure of 1/100 secs and a relatively high ISO of 1000 which in turn is far from the norm for me. Considering how I usually go for an ISO of 100 or better it’s a huge improvement and representative of the D750’s ability to deal beautifully with low light situations.
Nikon D750 / Nikkor 14-24mm
f/2.8 | 1/100 | ISO 1000 | 14mm

Underneath the Belly of the Dragon...Again

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