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Statue of Liberty Posters & Prints for sale by New Yorkled

Statue of Liberty Posters & Prints for Sale

Affordable posters and prints of the Lady in the Harbor otherwise known as Lady Liberty. All Images on this page are the rightful property of New Yorkled Magazine. Sharing in an unauthorized manner is not allowed. Thank you for passing through and please help support this site through the purchase of an item. Simply Click away. 😉

Statue of Liberty in Color against a duotone sepia sky

Lady Liberty in color against a duo tone cloudy sky.
One of a number of images depicting the majestic Statue of Liberty in one of a number of perspectives

 Statue of Liberty seemingly glowing against a deep colored dark sky

Even in the Dark can be found the Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty standing firm and strong against a very dark sky.

 Statue of Liberty as seen from the side and glowing

The Majestic Lady Glowing in the Darkness Art Representation.
Lady Liberty and her Golden Torch amidst a blue gradient sky background.

Overhead View of the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Stands Mightily
Statue of Liberty stands tall with the base partially visible in this image.

Backside of Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty Backside Art.
Lady Liberty as seen from behind with an overwhelming thunderous sky overhead.

 Partial view of the Statue of Liberty Arm & Crown

Statue of Liberty Partial Arm / Crown View
The view as seen from within the Crown of Lady Liberty after a tiring long hike to the top.

 Statue of Liberty in Space?

Statue of Liberty in Space artwork.
Oh yes. Of course the Man on the Moon needs some company. ‘and who better than Lady Liberty herself? ‘or rather the Statue of Liberty, aye? Actually we’d taken this image on our most recent trip up there. As you can see we were a bit homesick, thus the composition including planet Earth there in the backdrop. So if you’re interested, then head on out and reserve your seats aboard the soonest departing space shuttle. You won’t be sorry!

 In Black and White

Statue of Liberty in Black and White Illustration Artwork.
Statue of Liberty Illustration in Black and White as seen from the side

Lady Liberty standing tall and proud!

Statue of Liberty Against Turbulent Skies Poster Artwork
Head on view of Lady Liberty holding her torch up as she stands in front of some truly impressive skies.

 Beautiful rendition in the dark of the Lady on the Harbor

Statue of Liberty in the Dark Artwork.
The Statue of Liberty Sculpture against the darkest of blue backgrounds.

 Major Closeup of Lady Liberty’s Face

Statue of Liberty Closeup of her Face and partial view of her crown.
Of all of Lady Liberty’s features the ones which stand out most for us would be her eyes and other facial features. Thus the reason for presenting her in this fashion.

 The Lady in the Dark

Statue of Liberty Black and White Illustration.
Statue of Liberty in NYC stands mightlily.

 Lady in Blue or rather, the Lady against the Blue

Statue of Liberty against a sky blue.
The sculpture of the Statue of Liberty, one of New York City’s grandest icons stands against a solid light blue sky.

 Extreme overhead view of Lady Liberty

Staring up at the Statue of Liberty.
Lady Liberty as seen from the very cusp of her base looking straight up overhead with a partially cloudy sky.

 Lady Liberty under Turbulent Skies!

NYC's Statue of Liberty Under Stressful Skies.
Could not resist showing liberty going through stressful times through this bit of artwork. It’s moody, it’s dark, it’s brooding…but heck, yours truly likes it. Can only hope you do as well.

 Partial view of the crown with Lower Manhattan in the distance

Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor as seen from the crown of the Statue of Liberty.
Lower Manhattan and New York Harbor as seen from the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

 View outside of the Crown

Looking past the Statue of Liberty Crown and shoulder.
One of numerous views to be had from the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

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