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Photo Gallery of the Vessel and the Immediate Area

Shots Marked For The Public Domain

These images of the Vessel will marked as part of the Public Domain (so to speak) in a non-commercial use requirements. Should you download the image, please remember, you cannot use it for profit or commercial reasons and it would warm my heart if you can credit “” WWW.NEWYORKLED.COM “”

Thanks! 😉

Apparently there’s a recent to-do about copyrights as they pertain to this newest NYC landmark. Honestly, I don’t care. I’ve no intention of profiting off these images just as I wouldn’t over any photos I might take of a Coke or Pepsi sign; or of images featuring any of a million other brand names. Such items are usually only available for a profit when used in editorial scenarios. So, feel free to take this image and others featuring the Hudson Yards as they’re featured here.

Photo of this newest landmark at Hudson Yards offered as part of the Public Domain Image

At the Hudson Yards' Vessel

Vessel: From the deep within the dragon's belly

From Deep within the Vessel

Many more photos to be added to this and other related pages.

Stay tuned!

Time Portal at the Vessel (Hudson Yards)?

Approaching the Vessel at Hudson Yards

Vessel resembling a giant odd shaped rock