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Three Days In a Row : No COVID-19 Deaths in New York City!

No COVID-19 Deaths in New York City for 3 Days in a Row!

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today, followed upon yesterday’s announcement by stating that for the third day in a row NYC has not had a COVID-19 related death.

“Our progress in New York is even better than we expected, thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers. Our numbers continue to decline steadily, and for the third straight day in a row, there were no reported deaths in New York City,” stated Governor Cuomo.

The milestone achieved by the city is a considerable one in light of how it was once the epicenter of the world as it struggled through the very worst that the Coronavirus Pandemic could deal out.

The period from late March to mid April were the most critical days for the Big Apple with daily hospitalizations reaching way beyond 1,000 and beyond 1,500 over the course of a week.

For over four weeks, daily deaths were above 200 and way beyond 400 & 500 at the peak of the crisis.

Now, let’s see if day four is in the cards for the city of New York.

Following are related charts from the NYC Department of Health:

Daily COVID-19 Cases in NYC:

Daily COVID-19 Related Hospitalizations in NYC:

Daily COVID-19 Related Deaths in NYC:


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