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Training and Jobs Programs to Help New Yorkers Train for and Find NYC Jobs

SBS Commissioner Jonnel Doris Speaks of Training and Jobs Programs to Help New Yorkers Train for and Find Jobs that are Available

“So, listen, if you’re a New Yorker and you need assistance and you need support, please make sure that you visit us on our website nyc.gov/workforce,” said Commissioner Jonnel Doris.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio brought on Commissioner Jonnel Doris during today’s press briefing to discuss what the SBS (Small Business Services) is doing to help New Yorkers who are unemployed and in need of work.

At the city continues to claw its way out of the economic abyss it’s found itself in after the COVID-19 Crisis, millions of New Yorkers are still without work. Despite having reach Phase 4 reopening status and despite its stellar Coronavirus Health Metrics, the city’s near frozen with all the restrictions still standing as mandated by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“…what we need to do is prepare people for the jobs that are starting to come back, even if it’s much slower than we want and working toward the day where people get back on their feet,” said the Mayor. “So, our Department of Small Business Services is, right now, providing free training to get people ready to come back into the economy. There are areas of the economy that are still strong and will grow again. There are jobs that need to be filled. We need to get people ready for them.”

Commissioner Jonnel Doris, Small Business Services:

“As you said, Mr. Mayor, New Yorkers have been going through a hard time and many have lost their jobs of no fault of their own. We know that this is in our immigrant community, our people of color, and also our young people who are getting hit the hardest. But we’re here to help at SBS, and we’ve been doing that throughout this pandemic. We’re here to provide the training, the resources that they need. We’ve already connected and worked with 37,000 New Yorkers. We will continue to work with additional New Yorkers as they call into our hotlines and seek the support that they need. We are training them in in-demand skills for our tech industry, health care, industrial, media and entertainment industry. We are working with them in home health aide, in commercial drivers as well. We’re also working with our workforce one centers, 18 workforce one centers across the city who have been working virtually to assist New Yorkers to get jobs that they so critically need.”

Since mid-March, we have worked with over 500 employers to fill 9,800 jobs. Whereas we’re currently working with those employers to fill 3,600 jobs. So, listen, if you’re a New Yorker and you need assistance and you need support, please make sure that you visit us on our website nyc.gov/workforce.”

“But before I turn it back to the Mayor, you know, this work is critical work and our essential workers have been doing an amazing job, getting us back to where we are now. We had some job seekers who came into our virtual workforce one centers who were looking for support and help and we were able to help them. John, who was looking for a pivot in his career, didn’t have a job, was seeking help and support, came to our workforce one center. He’s now employed as a transport and nurse – transport- nurse in our Health + Hospital care system – that’s happened. As of April, we’re continuing to do that to hundreds of New Yorker. Also, Maria, at foreign-born New Yorker who was seeking also work, who was out of work because of COVID, was able to come back and get support from my workforce one centers and get a job and is not working in our Health + Hospital systems as well, and also working with patients who are tested positive, the elderly, in particular, for COVID-19. So, look, we’re here to help and assist you no matter what your concerns and needs are. You can call 3-1-1 or you can meet us nyc.gov/workforce.

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