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Vessel Rises at the Hudson Yards Photos

Vessel Rises at the Hudson Yards Photos

Vessel – Rendering Image courtesy of http://www.heatherwick.com/vessel

Architecturally speaking there’ve been quite a number of ‘exciting’ developments, projects and visions in as far as our city’s concerned. Some truly manage to capture the imagination and others leave a bit to be desired. As with art I suppose it’s all a matter of the beholder’s eye.
Vessel – Rendering Image courtesy of http://www.heatherwick.com/vessel

In the latter half of 2016 we learned of the $150 million addition to the development(s) at Hudson Yards located on the west side of Manhattan near the northern end of the High Line. Encompassing, according to one source, roughly 26-28 acres and situated in the lower 30s between 10th and 12th avenues its newest addition is to be a project known as ‘Vessel’.
Vessel would be a 150 foot high hollow structure with 154 interconnecting flights of stairs, 2,400 steps and 80 landings. For lack of better words we’d say it would resemble a bee hive with a copper color exterior to boot.
Brought forth from the mind of British Designer Thomas Heatherwick of Heatherwick Studio it’s the sort of design that’d make Escher green with envy. It’s also the kind that yours truly is looking forward to seeing and experiencing first hand. Thus you could imagine my excitement when I recently stumbled upon its construction during a walk in the area. Shown below are a few of the shots captured from afar and from different angles.

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