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Video Feature: Statue of Liberty Museum Preview + Photos

Statue of Liberty Preview + Photos and Video

Related photos and video can be found near the end of this page below.
On May 14, 2019, we had the wonderful chance to visit and explore the new Statue of Liberty Museum which was to open two days later on May 16. In as far as the details about what you’ll find at the museum you can read the official press release which we’d posted some weeks ago.
As far as our personal experience? We were wowed and moved. What better way for visitors to learn more about this iconic and historic location’s history than a museum like this? Yours truly found himself enthralled with all the details provided about the planning and building that went into the creation of this internationally recognized and adored statue. It’s not merely that which you’ll learn but, as well, the way it’s all presented. Whomever came up with the museum’s design deserves a gold star and then some. It was very well thought out.
Aside from all the memorabilia and historical items on hand there were a few things which we really enjoyed. Upon entering the museum we’re greeted with three short films, each found within their own corresponding room. It was with the end of the third one that I found myself fighting back a tear. It’d reached and touched me emotionally on a level reminiscent of deep patriotic pride. A sentiment I’d felt out of touch with and disillusioned with for some time now. But that’s a whole ‘nother personal story. Regardless, I’m somewhat confident that it may very well touch you as well.
Something else we were thrilled to see was the original torch. It sits in its own room, surrounded by glass walls, with a grand view of Manhattan Island as it sits across the New York Harbor. You know, we’d visited lady liberty in 2009 for the sake of climbing up to her crown. At the very bottom of the spiral stairs, one ascends, was the torch. Yep, the very torch which now sits within the museum. So you can understand why it was wonderful to come across it once again. That climb up to the top of the statue was a truly memorable one which we’ll never forget; as was the torch itself.
Lastly, the roof of the museum would be the proverbial icing on the cake. Get up there and you’ve got a 360 degree view with the lady on one side and New York City on the other. You’ll get some really great picture taking moments up there.
One’s surely not to be disappointed when visiting this newly added attraction. Of course the best part about it all is how it’s free with paid passage to the island.
Video of Nicholas Garrison speaking about his firm’s planning for the museum. The transcript can be found here…

Here are photos taken during our visit:

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