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Wartime Effort Against Coronavirus: Duggal and Bednark Together Making Masks for NYC


Wartime Effort Against Coronavirus: Duggal and Bednark Together Making Masks for NYC

In the past days and weeks, both NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have pleaded and practically begged companies to do what they could to manufacture the sorts of items which our Healthcare Systems were critically in need of.

There are a couple of companies that heard the call and stepped up to the plate. Bednark Studio and Duggal Visual Solutions, who’ve got nothing to do with medical supplies of any kind, got an idea after hearing our city and state leaders’ call for action and they responded. Michael Bednark and Michael Duggal came together with encouragement from the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s CEO and President, David Ehrenberg to manufacture facial guards.

Over the weekend they got with the NYC Health Department and outlined a course of action. Sunday, they disinfected the empty Duggal Greenhouse and, by Tuesday, began moving in that which they needed. Their first masks were assembled on Wednesday and they’ve been at it 24 hours a day with an expected total of 120,000 by next Tuesday and 50,000 to ship out by Friday.

Following are videos shot at today’s press event including photos taken. To come soon are additional videos or media from the tour gotten concerning the machinery used in the processing of the masks mentioned above.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio gives thanks to all those involved in this effort. Transcript of his speech follows.


“For 8.6 million New Yorkers, what you’re doing here is going to make a huge difference. I promise, all these people, the doctors, the nurses, all the people who work in the hospitals and they need this equipment. So they can be safe and they can save lives. Every one of you are heroes right now because you’re providing the supplies that are going to save lives and protect our healthcare workers – and you make me very proud. You make me very proud of New York City. You make me very proud to see that this has been created in just a matter of days to protect other people. This is really an example to everyone in this city and everyone in this nation about how we’re going to fight back. So everybody, thank you! God Bless You All. (Applause).”

NYC Mayor and Michael Duggal speaking about the effort to help NYC’s Efforts and how Duggal and Bednark came together for the cause.

Following is a partial transcript of the Mayor’s words:

Apologies to Michael Bednark for not including his portion of the video. Unfortunately done due to his captured voice volume battling with the background noise.


“This is like a wartime factory. This is what people have to do, in battle in wars all over this world. When there weren’t going to be supplies coming from someplace else, they had to make their own. That’s what’s happening here in Brooklyn. This face mask, when you look at it – it’s amazing. The way they put this together. They did not make this product. These companies, they did not make this product. A few days ago, this warehouse didn’t exist. It’s only been opened since yesterday. But I want to thank, Michael and Mike (Michael Bednark & Michael Duggal) and everyone here – when they saw what was happening. They saw there was a crisis, they saw our healthcare workers were in danger. They didn’t just sit around and complain about a hopeless situation – they said, what can we do about it. How can we make a difference? They literally reached out  to the city and said, we think we can make these things.  They worked with our Department of Health to determine the right design and found the materials – they called back their workers, they opened up this space and they created a war time factory. A factory from scratch. ‘and they’re now going to produce a huge number of face masks. They gonna make a big difference.”

“I’ve been appealing for weeks for help from Washington. We need that help – but New York City is not just waiting. We’re doing something about it. This is one of many, many products that people are starting to make right here to protect our healthcare workers to save lives in our city.”

Bednark Studio is a full-service fabrication company. We partner with industry leading Designers, Architects, Agency’s and Brands to create exciting, transformational consumer experiences. We control all processes, metal, wood, plastics, engineering and printing, under one very large roof. Our clients choose us because we push the limits of what is possible.

Duggal Visual Solutions, incorporated in 1963, is an award-winning global supplier of exceptional printed visuals, custom displays, and multimedia solutions. For more than 50 years, Duggal has served as a trusted advisor and partner in helping the world’s leading image-makers communicate visually with their audiences and customers.

Michael Duggal, Michael Bednark and NYC Mayor de Blasio

Photos of the folks working at the Brooklyn Navy Yards to manufacture masks:

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