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What to Expect for New York City’s Phase 2 Reopening – Beginning June 22, 2020

What to Expect for New York City’s Phase 2 Reopening – Beginning June 22, 2020

Edited on June 21 – An added mention of Church Services can be found within the body below.

So, Governor Cuomo confirmed once again today that NYC is set to obtain Phase 2 Reopening status beginning June 22, 2020. On Thursday, the Mayor said, “our estimate is a minimum of 150,000 more workers coming back into the five boroughs into their jobs – as many as 300,000 as we begin phase two.” This would be atop the 200 – 400,000 estimated workers returning to work through Phase 1 which began on June 8.

With restaurants expanding upon their ability to serve patrons, non-essential retail stores finally getting to open again and other industries getting a piece of the ‘NY Forward’ action, this city should have quite the air about itself come Monday.

I was out there on the first day of Phase 1 and you’d never have known it. Streets were still relatively empty as were the subways. Something tells me that this coming Monday will be quite different. I’ll be down there with camera in hand to have a first hand look.


Churches and other houses of worship managed to escape my mind when I first posted this page.

On June 6, NY Governor Cuomo stated that houses of worship would be able to open at 25% of capacity within Phase 2 regions. The New York Archdiocese has yet to make any mention on their main site. It can be assumed, based upon what Mayor de Blasio and the Deputy Mayor, Phil Thompson have stated recently, that the Churches at least will be moving forward very carefully.


Below are a number of items to be found (in full detail) at the official Forward NY Government Site.

For every industry and or service that’s allowed to open/operate in Phase 2, there are quite a number of Mandatory and Recommended Best Practices.

Rules range from:

  • Dictating the allowable level of Occupancy
  • Protective Equipment (facial coverings/masks)
  • Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Communication required on the part of employers
  • Screening

We’re not listing every single item but instead some of those which stand out most so’s to give you an idea as to what to expect. For each area you’ll find the accompanying links below.

Mandatory Guidelines (just a few of many) / common rules shared amongst all the guidelines:

In Phase II, limit the total number of occupants at any given time to no more than 50% of the maximum occupancy for a particular area as set by the certificate of occupancy.

  • Keep in mind the application of this rule for restaurants would be different from all other industries. This is due to the fact that, aside from takeouts, folks will only be allowed to patronize a food service establishment in outdoor

A distance of at least 6 ft. must be maintained amongst all individuals at all times, unless safety of the core activity requires a shorter distance.

Any time workers or visitors must come within 6 ft. of another person, acceptable face coverings must be worn (ensuring that mouth and nose are covered). Individuals must be prepared to don a face covering if another person unexpectedly comes within 6 ft.

Remember, such industries, services and settings as Malls, Gyms, Movie Theaters and other places of amusement ARE NOT part of this Reopening Phase.

Office – Summary Guidelines

Office – Detailed Guidelines


Real Estate – Summary Guidelines

Real Estate – Detailed Guidelines


Essential and In Store Retail – Summary Guidelines

Essential and In Store Retail – Detailed Guidelines


Vehicle Sales, Leases, and Rentals – Summary Guidelines

Vehicle Sales, Leases, and Rentals – Detailed Guidelines


Retail Rental, Repair, and Cleaning – Summary Guidelines

Retail Rental, Repair, and Cleaning – Detailed Guidelines


Commercial Building Management – Summary Guidelines

Commercial Building Management – Detailed Guidelines


Hair Salons and Barbershops – Summary Guidelines

Hair Salons and Barbershops – Detailed Guidelines


For the following, one might also want to have a look at the guidance set forth by NY Mayor Bill de Blasio

Also to consider, are the concerns set forth over alcohol consumption by Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo. Rules warning Bars and Restaurants of their responsibilities to tow the line and see that they are truly adhering to the laws.
Keep in mind how you’ll find a few contradictions on that page linked to above.

Outdoor and Take-Out/Delivery Food Services – Summary Guidelines

Outdoor and Take-Out/Delivery Food Services – Detailed Guidelines

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