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Whiteface Mountain, NY vs. Mount Mansfield, VT

Whiteface Mountain & Mount Mansfield

Although the page title above might have one believing there’s some sort of competition going on; the views to be had at either one of these locales are grand creations of beauty in their own rights.

We’ve been visiting Whiteface Mountain for over ten years now. We never tire of returning. As the fifth highest mountain in New York State it reaches a height of 4,865′ above sea level and has gorgeous 360 degree views that’ll have you reeling in awe. It’d be the first photo, a panorama, shared below. That body of water you see at the left most end would be Lake Placid.

We’ve become accustomed in the past few years to visiting nearby Vermont which isn’t very far from where we usually stay during our visits to the Adirondacks. It’s only during our most recent trip, as of this writing, that we stumbled upon Mount Mansfield. At 4,393′ above sea level it’s the highest peak in the state and we’re a slight bit hazy as to where exactly the bulk of it might be. Originally we thought it to be Stowe, VT. Turns out, according to some sources, part of it’s also in Cambridge as well as Underhill. Regardless of where it is, its beauty is unmistakable; or rather, the beautiful vistas to be seen from above.

We’re definitely planning on a return trip later this year of 2016. Alas, there are some marked differences between the two. The drive up Mt. Mansfield’s quite something; unfortunately not in the way of scenery since there’s nary any to speak of along the way. Rather, it’s angle of elevation is mightily steep. So much so that it makes the ride up a daunting one. By comparison, Whiteface’s road to the top is impressive with many views to take in of the surrounding Adirondack peaks. What’s on Mansfield’s side, in my humble opinion, are the numerous nearby peaks. Much closer than those seen from the top of Whiteface. What does that mean? Well, an entirely different perspective plus a beauty majestically different in its own way.

Both mountains are gems and worthy of a visit. There’ll be more to come in the future regarding these beauts. In the meantime, have a look at some of the photos below. Thanks for passing by folks. 😉

Whiteface Mountain

WhiteFace Mountain in the Adirondacks Pano

Mount Mansfield

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