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WTC – World Trade Center Transportation Hub Photos

World Trade Center Transportation Hub

After so many years in wait we were finally able to take in the grand interior of the main and most central section of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub. The day was Thursday, March 3,

2016 that we, the NYC general public, were able to descend upon the partially opened interior of the site. An opening that would take place sans much fanfare and with critiques running the entire gamut. “Boondoggle” would be the word of choice for the days to come. Something yours truly couldn’t argue with considering the extravagant costs that went into its construction. Although it wasn’t and still isn’t a thought I’ve clung to. My own attitude has been one of acceptance since heck, no one’s ever knocked on my door to ask what my thoughts were on the expenditures; and I’ve yet to come across another individual whose opinion was sought after. Besides, what’s done is done. All we can do now is enjoy the views from within and without; and by God what a view it is!

In addition to the above, the man himself was there to greet members of the press and pose for photos with almost anyone who wished. Whom am I speaking of? Well Santiago Calatrava of course. The mastermind behind this behemoth of a trans hub found at the 16 acre WTC site. For any of your unfamiliar all you need do is google his name followed by the word ‘architecture’ for images of his past works and you’ll most likely find yourself ogling at the many images available. Yours truly has no problem with an architectural addition this appealing, although there are those who’ll beg to differ; and that’s fine by me. It’s the spice of life that makes the world go round, aye?

Nonetheless, on August 16, 2016 the grand opening of the hub took place with additional walkways, aisles, stairs, and store fronts opened for business. Of course, just as was the case with the original WTC Site, many if of not all the store openings are maddeningly upscale. I guess they’d have to be to justify the near $4 billion bill.

We’ve passed by numerous times and will continue to do so on a regular basis in the future. It’s quite the locale for the photographer in us all, and if you’ve yet to visit then it’s highly recommended!

Thanks for reading this far; more to come…

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